1.1 Conduct detailed research to identify the demands of the municipalities for inclusion in the respective chapter(s) of the forthcoming 8th five-year plan

Considering the contexts of the municipalities, each municipality will identify their needs/demands associated with poverty reduction with direct technical support from MAB.. In order to carry out the above activity, following sub-activities will be undertaken:

·        Organize required IT supports and designing of the template for online data collection on the specific major needs of the Municipalities associated with poverty reduction through the direct technical supports from MAB.

·        On finalization of the method for data collection, orienting the Municipality/local government with dissemination of the template and process to be undertaken for the purpose

·        Complete the plan for online data collection from the sources as designed, processing of the collected data and subsequently preparation of draft report

·        Organize sharing of the draft report with the local government for validation of the results on the provided data for the purpose. Gather comments from those concerned and if necessary, verify suitability for incorporation in the process.

·        Finalize preparation of the report to share with the wider level of stakeholders concerned with the objective and course of action.

·        There would be an icon named Questionnaire

1.2 Engage a core group (consisting the national level think tanks, urban experts and academia) to monitor and ensure that the requirements coming from the municipalities are reflected in the final recommendations:

MAB will identify a few potent urban experts, academic and think tanks to involve with their activities for periodically from its resource pool / connection so that high standard quality can be achieved for all of the activities.  In order to do that following sub activities will be accomplished:


·        Identify the members of the concerned professional bodies, think tanks, CSOs, academia, urban experts and develop a core group for expected role to influence the national planning process

·        Organize appropriate discussion with the group and share the report based on the needs gathered from the Municipalities, to form an approach with the view to monitor and relatively ensure demanded inclusion of the municipal needs in respective national plan.

·        Keep cooperating with the respective roles of the group to the objective as appropriate.

1.3 Develop a policy briefs related to urban poverty based on the data collected and conduct a national level workshop to advocate for addressing urban challenges in the 8th Five Year Plan:

In order to keep pace with the ongoing schedule for preparation of the 8th Five Plan, for effectiveness of holding national level workshop to advocate for addressing the urban challenges in the 8th Five Year Plan is very much necessary, and MAB will undertake the following sub-activities for this purpose:


·        Revisit the research findings and the report and prepare and short policy brief based on the identified needs/ demands associated with poverty reduction by the core group and analyze the outcomes of the survey report and other relevant documents to necessarily develop or organize certain materials, presentations signifying on the urban poverty status, municipal needs, challenges etc.

·        Plan of organizing activities to hold the event at right and strategically suitable time and preparing for the workshop with venue selection, identifying the participants and inviting them as well as all other logistic supports.

·        Conduct the national level workshop on “urban challenges of the local government and few recommendations for policy forward”. The title may be changed as per agreement between MAB and UNDP.