Municipal Association of Bangladesh- MAB is a national organization representing all the Municipalities of Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2003, it has been briefing steps taken by the government to improve the quality of life of the citizens as well as providing necessary advice on various measures to be taken to improve the quality of service to the citizens. MAB is working tirelessly to strengthen the local government system of Bangladesh, ensure civic issues and protect the interests of the municipalities. MAB’s role in planned urbanization by utilizing the opportunities and potentials of the country through proper planning as per the needs of the time is undeniable. Our current government has a number of plans in place to address the problems posed by rapid urbanization. MAB is participating in the formulation of some laws and regulations for providing important advice in the implementation of these plans and assisting the government in adopting the right plan by identifying local problems which really deserve praise. 

MAB has also been playing roles in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and in implementing effective plans and outcomes to improve the living standards of the urban poor. MAB is also continuing its efforts to coordinate with local and international organizations for the development of municipalities at the national policy-making level.

I am proud to extend a warm invitation to development partners and mayors and leaders of developed and developing countries of the world to come to Bangladesh and share our experiences. I am kindly informing the friends who are interested and collaborating in the urban development of Bangladesh, this is not the end.

Our urban development efforts are nationally ongoing and we surely can reach the desired goal.

Finally, I am committed to the implementation of the MAB Manifesto, for which I am confident of receiving all kinds of support and cooperation from you! Together, we can do much more!

Dewan Kamal Ahmed
President, Municipal Association of MAB and Mayor, Nilphamari Municipality

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