About the formation of MAB:

  • (a) The designated boundaries of all municipalities in Bangladesh shall be considered the jurisdiction of the Bangladesh Municipal Association.
  • (b) All municipalities in Bangladesh shall become members of this association by adhering to the rules and regulations of this constitution, collectively forming the “Bangladesh Municipal Association.”


How to become a member of MAB:

Each municipality in the country can become a member of this association by completing the membership form and paying the annual fee. The mayor, councilors, reserved seat councilors, and various level officials of the respective municipality can represent the municipality in this association.

The association shall have two types of membership:

  • (a) General Member
  • (b) Permanent Member
  • (a) General Member: Each ordinary member municipality shall pay a one-time annual fee as follows: Class A: 15,000 BDT, Class B: 12,000 BDT, and Class C: 10,000 BDT.
  • (b) Permanent Member: If any municipal council in Bangladesh voluntarily provides a one-time payment of only 300,000 BDT, subject to approval by the central governing committee, it will be eligible to confer permanent membership status to that municipal council. The privileges and benefits for permanent members will be in line with those of general members. However, permanent members will not be required to pay any annual dues to the municipal council. The central governing committee will have the discretion to adjust this amount as necessary.

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