Activity 2

2.1  Share the draft NUSP at the regional level of MAB through consultation workshops to facilitate assessment of the requirements of the municipalities are addressed to incorporate in the final NUSP:

National Urban Sector Policy led by the local government ministry through a long process is at the draft final stage lately from 2015. MAB will be working with the ministry to take it to a final stage. However, the draft final NUSP will be revisited and will be shared by MAB at the Regional level with a view to ensure that the updated policy requirements of the local government are reflected in the USP and aligned with the SDG. In order to do so, MAB will accomplish the following sub-activities:

  • Collect the latest version of the draft National Urban Sector Policy and critically review the draft version with a view to analyzing policy to check how much it is aligned with the SDG and the government’s vision.
  • Prepare for sharing the NUSP at the regional level through consultative meetings with the municipalities and seeking inputs from them. Preparation will include logistic supports, relevant documentary materials and presentations, etc.
  • Through proper consideration of the relevant factors develop a schedule for the consultation workshops at all the eleven regions of MAB to reach the Mayors and municipal officials concerned for an effective consultation process.


2.2  Organize the consultation meeting with focal Ministries and relative concerned person to mobilize the approval process of the NUSP:While the process on getting the inputs and feedback from different regions of MAB on the draft Urban Sector Policy in line with the local priorities, national priorities, the MAB central Executive Committee will also liaise with the local government division and the ministry to mobilize the concerned officials at the ministry and accelerate the process of NUSP approval. In order to do so, MAB will carry out the following sub-activities:

  • Identify such policy practice and formulation process and accordingly the progress for formulation of the NUSP, bottlenecks etc.
  • Accordingly make strategic moves and hold consultations with the focal(s) Ministries and concerned to help mobilize the approval of the long awaited NUSP
  • Develop a core group of concerned persons with relevant expertise from the urban platforms and CSOs.


2.3  Develop a policy brief note and Organize policy dialogues/seminars/conference on the need of an approved National Urban Sector Policy and identify the bottlenecks on its approval process:

MAB will engage the core group/policy expert to develop a policy brief with a view to sensitizing the policy makers and further accelerating the process for approval of the NUSP as soon as possible. In order to do so, following sub-activities will be carried out:

  • Identify the urban platforms, stakeholders, activists, academia for participation in suitable exercise to analyze the urbanization trend, management and challenges for planned and useful/sustainable urbanization.
  • Develop three categories of the urban centers as City Corporations, Municipalities, Upazila and others in the growing trends with challenges
  • Develop a schedule to hold the suitable events for the issue considerably all over the urban context in eleven regions of the country. Aims of these events are to provide opportunity for Policy expert so that they can deliver policy brief in a concise manner.
  • Organize the policy dialogues/seminars/conference on the need of an approved National Urban Sector Policy and identify the bottlenecks on its approval process

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