Municipal Assiciation of Bangladesh-MAB
                                               LIUPC-Influencing Urban Policy focusing on Governance and Poverty Project
                                               Implementation Plan
Proposed Activities
Target Audience
Total Target
Nov-DecJan-MarApr-JunJul-SepOctober- DecemberJanuary- MarchApril-June
1.        Influence the policy makers to integrate urban chapter of the 8th five-year plan
1.1.Conduct an assessment to identify the demand of the municipalities to address in the 8th five-year plan and develop a policy briefStudy ReportMAB, Mayors, LG Ministry1
1.2.Conduct a national level workshop to advocate for addressing urban challenges in the 5-year planMayors, key government officials of LGD, LG ministry, Planning commission, GED1
2Influence the Local Government Ministry and act as an advocacy group for approval of Urban Sector Policy
2.1.Share the draft USP at the regional level of MAB through consultation workshop to assess the requirements of the municipalities are addressedWorkshopMayors and key LG officials, MAB2
2.2.Consultation meeting with ministry to mobilize the approval process of the USPMeetingLG Ministryas required
2.3.Develop a policy brief note and organize policy dialogue / seminars / conference on the need of an approved urban sector policy and identify the bottlenecks of approving the USPpolicy dialogue / seminar/ conferenceMayors, key local government officials, LG ministry1
3Identify and replicate the best practices of the municipalities
3.1.Develop an online platform and collect information from all the municipalities of Bangladesh on the best practicesSystem developmentMABcontinuous
3.2.Identify the best practices through organizing regional horizontal learning programs with participation of the municipalitiesRegional WorkshopMayors, LG Officials, Town Federation/ Community Leaders and other organizations active in the municipalities1
3.3.Document the best practices and achievements of the municipalities and publish it in MAB’s newsletter and another communicable format regularlyQuarterMAB, Municipalities and all urban stakeholders4
3.4.Replicate selected best practices in non-LIUPCP municipalities (like participatory poverty mapping, creating multidimensional poverty index, development of poverty reduction strategies and allocating resources for poverty reduction from municipality’s own revenue)MunicipalityNon-LIUPCP Municipalities and their citizens (especially the poor)4
4Build institutional capacity of MAB
4.1.Support MAB’s regular operational activities to represent all the municipalities in Bangladesh and uphold their rightsQuarterMAB3
4.2.Develop and enable online system through MAB’s website to store information for all the municipalities in BangladeshActive online systemMAB, Government, Municipalities, and Development partners1
4.3.Organize series of webinars with participation of municipal mayors and document the lessons learned on nCOVID impact by the MAB members for policy advocacyWebinarMayors, Govt. bureaucrats, Journalists, MAB executive body etc.4One webinar remains