Md. Ali at his light engineering factory

Top of FormMr. Md. Ali, former president of the Light Engineering Association (LE) of Jashore, is recognised as a prominent LE entrepreneur in the sector. Since the inception of local economic development in Jashore’s LE sector, he has been closely affiliated with PRABRIDDHI. Operating a factory primarily focused on agricultural machinery with a staff of 12-15 workers, Mr. Ali sought to expand his business beyond the outskirts of Jashore to other regions of the country. Through his collaboration with PRABRIDDHI, he became acquainted with the e-marketplace “”

In partnership with the Bangladesh Engineering Industry Owners Association (BEIOA) – Jashore and Chakladar Corp (CC), a local business development service provider, PRABRIDDHI effectively facilitated the development and launch of “” in 2022. This digital transformation not only boosted sales but also enhanced proficiency in utilising digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and websites for product marketing. Upon discovering this platform, Mr. Ali expanded his business reach, and in 2023 alone, he successfully sold 18 machines, resulting in a net profit of BDT 174,300 or CHF 1453.

A semi-structured survey was conducted in 2022 with the registered entrepreneurs to gather their feedback. All of them acknowledged that the e-marketplace serves as an additional channel for selling their products. Around 90% of them agree that they benefit from the e-marketplace due to wider promotion of their products.

In 2023, CC received significant recognition by showcasing the “” platform at an international exhibition held in Malaysia. CC has further aspirations to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to expand local businesses into other municipalities. As a result, during January-December 2023, 19 LE entrepreneurs earned a net additional income of BDT 720,000 or CHF 6,000 selling through this alternative online channel. The marketplace has 67 factories listed on the site.

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